When I look back at the best 2017 murals I’ve come across, there’s one thing they all have in common – they’re highly memorable. Mr. Mustart, Fintan Magee, OSGEMEOS and several other talented artists created the murals that were specially handpicked as some of the best street art in the Tri-State area that we’ve seen all year.

Crystal Space Princess Mural

Best 2017 Murals | Trending In

Crystal Space Princess mural by Love Notes (@lovenotesnyc), Bushwick, NYC

Crystal Space Princess is a mural by New York City-based artist Love Notes in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Heavily inspired by anime, comic books and fairy tales, Crystal Space Princess paints a galactic background full of fluffy colors behind a blue-haired princess and a heroic space astronaut.

Remembering Clouds

Best 2017 Murals | Trending In

Remembering Clouds by Fintan (@fintan_magee), Bay St., Jersey City, NJ

When Australian street artist, Fintan Magee, went to Jersey City, he created Remembering Clouds, an excellent mural that exaggerates typical adolescent technology overload. In the mural, a teenage girl in the sky is sitting  on a pile of cars and watching clouds on her handheld television.

Stay Woke

Best 2017 Murals | Trending In

Stay Woke by Mr. Mustart (@mr_mustart), Clarence Rich (@clarencerich), Green Villain(@greenvillain), Communipaw Ave., Jersey City, NJ

Stay Woke is part of a two-piece mural behind the building of a gated area in Jersey City, New Jersey. This universe of blue eyed pink cats and green-faced characters was created by artists Mr. Mustart, Clarence Rich and Green Villain.

Robot Lady of Leisure

Best 2017 Murals | Trending In

Robot Lady of Leisure by Pixel Pancho(@pixelpancho), W 23 St., Chelsea, NYC

Italian street artist Pixel Pancho has a deep fascination with robotic creatures in human-like environments. His Robot Lady of Leisure mural uses earthly colors to depict a feminine robot lounging in a luxuriously long dress and pink heels.


Best 2017 Murals | Trending In

Tenango Mural by The Mayor’s Mural Crew (@mayorsmuralcrew), Centre St. Jamaica Plain, MA

When the building owner of a Jamaica Plain company requested a mural with a Mexican motif, this vibrant mural entitled Tenango from the Mayor’s Mural Crew was born. A “tenango”, is a traditional style of embroidering cloth. It originates from the Tenango de doria section of Hidalgo, Mexico. The women of Hidalgo usually hang these colorful textiles up on display after creating them.


Best 2017 Murals | Trending In

Untitled by OSGEMEOS (@osgemeos) Mural, 14 St, Chelsea, NYC

Brazilian street art duo OSGEMEOS created one of their best 2017 murals  on 14 Street in New York City and dedicated it  to Hip Hop culture. The twins painted on two twin buildings in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood.  This side has characters of various shades wearing 80s style Hip Hop apparel. The group is posing next to a vintage and colorful boombox.

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