Written by: Caressa Losier

What risks have you you taken to make your art come to life? Style Wars is a 1983 Sundance award winning documentary directed by Tony Silver and produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant that captures the essence of the 1980s graffiti scene in New York City subways and how it has impacted a street culture of art, music, and hobby. Young graffiti ‘writers’ rummage through dangerous underground tunnels creating a movement of organized art that would be seen throughout the city – borough to borough, culture to culture, and from one writer to another, causing a generational uproar of inspiration. 

Feel the exciting adrenaline rush as you witness young revolutionary ‘writers’ in their element – leaving their imprint on MTA subway carts, by any means necessary. Learn how the 80s has molded the history of graffiti, breakdance, and Hip Hop music for generations to come, and watch as the art of graffiti evolves from the street’s best secret to the next big thing in mainstream art. 

 Watch the FULL documentary below!

See some of the most beautiful moments captured in the documentary here:


Like what you see? Listen to the full interview featuring co-producer, Henry Chalfant, from Sports Byline USA as he discusses the making of the film and it’s blu-ray extras. 

For more information, visit their official website here.