Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin 

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)

Through October 25, 2015!

Content and images by: Caressa Losier

The Art of the Mannequin | Trending in

Mannequins Are Just Like Us

Did you know the first mannequins were actually professional fashion models? The term mannequin was born in France and often used to describe the nature of a female hanger, yet over time its definition has transformed into a shapely silhouette. The Art of the Mannequin by Ralph Pucci at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) bridges the gap between style and pop culture by revealing the fascinating connection between how the identity of mannequins were created by society’s perception of body image.

The Art of the Mannequin | Trending In

Femininity is Art

The Art of the Mannequin | Trending In

Other than clothes, there are other subtle ways ways to express femininity through fashion. Ass seen in the photo above, each mannequin approaches style differently – one with a sleek pixie cut and pirate eye-patch, one with a quirky-curly face doodled in and another sporting swooping bangs and neon yellow lipstick. Mannequins wear a confident attitude that didn’t always come as one size fits all, but nowadays representation for different body shapes is just as important as incorporating a variety of body languages. Since making its appearance in 1999, plus size mannequins have made cameos in dozens of clothing store display windows. H&M, Old Navy, Forever 21 and Calvin Klein to name a few. In celebration of this, “Birdie”, the first high fashion plus size mannequin  was born.

The Art of the Mannequin | Trending In

Bold Body Movements

The Art of the Mannequin | Trending InThese yin yang beauties intertwine limbs while striking a pose to form, “Girl”, a  solid-colored, faceless silhouette. Here, two tall skyscraper-legged mannequins are  striking a pose. Girl’s face is a blank canvas, so it’s easier for others to imagine themselves. The silver powerhouse planting a firm handstand next to them is “Sport”, a male mannequin who completely embodies the artistic beauty of movement. 

The Art of the Mannequin | Trending In

Peace by Piece

The Art of the Mannequin | Trending In

Similar to “Girl”, these mannequins also emphasize the simplicity of diversity. Reflecting on how the world consists of a kaleidoscope of different backgrounds and lifestyles, Pucci uses mannequins as mirrors of everyday people and actions occurring in society. “Yoga” – his collaboration with famous supermodel, Christy Turlington, centers the mannequin couple in back with bright energy, perfect posture and an affinity for positive energy. From its core to the floor, swift symmetry celebrates the various forms of beauty, individuality, and style found in the art of each mannequin.

Explore how the style of modern day society has sculpted the mannequin movement crafted by Ralph Pucci, which can be witnessed through October 25th at the Museum of Arts and Design.

For more information on The Art of the Mannequin exhibit, please visit their official website here.